For our next addition of our meet and greets, we sat down with Sunset Sabi’s resident bartender/fashion icon!

Here’s what Tom had to say on shaking tins, and life at GGC:

What’s your inspiration behind choosing the bartender life Tom?

I think it was definitely when I started working in hospitality, and my best friend was a bartender. I remember being so in awe of her, and would love watching her work. 

I think it is so special how happy you can make customers with a fun drink! Just that connection with customers is so rewarding.

What are your favourite flavours and elements to incorporate into a drink?

I’m a big gin girlie, so any gin cocktail or gin mixer, I am all about. I’m a big fan of Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin for sure.

I also really love fresh but more muted fruity tones like pear. And anything citrusy and sweet of course. Which is why I picked the Sakura to make today!

What’s your go-to Sunset Sabi snack and beverage pairing?

My ultimate snack pairing would have to be the Kinoko Gyoza (because we love a mushroom), with the Yuzu Three Ways, which has Four Pillars Fresh Yuzu Gin, citrus and soda – chefs kiss. 

Who is your biggest Good Good Company inspiration?

That is a tough one. Can I say everyone? Haha. 

Ryan (our Head of Group Operations) is definitely a big inspiration for me. I love how ambitious and driven he is. I hope I channel more of that as my career progresses.

And of course, Ruby Reid. She is so hardworking, but still has time to be caring and loving, and is always making sure everyone is happy. I think that is so special.